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    ??Linqu Fangzheng Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. (Linqu Fangyuan Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.), mainly engaged in the development and production of magnetic separation and automation equipment, is a well-known enterprise in China's building materials industry and an earlier manufacturer of magnetoelectric equipment in China.
    ??The company is located in Niushan Road, Dongcheng District, Linqu, Shandong Province, with Qushan Mishui in the west and Changshen Expressway in the east. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with outstanding people and convenient transportation.
    ??For more than 20 years, Founder Electronics has enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad for its sustained, stable, healthy and harmonious development. The company is a 3A level credit unit, a contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, and a consumer satisfaction unit. It is a member enterprise of China Building Materials Machinery Industry Association. It enjoys a high reputation and reputation in the building materials, brick and tile industry, and is welcomed by colleagues from all walks of life.
    ??The company's main products include: electromagnetic powder magnetic separation equipment, electromagnetic wet slurry magnetic separation equipment, permanent magnet, electromagnetic iron remover, metal detector, feeder, belt scale and other automatic control systems. The products are widely used in graphite, quartz sand, kaolin, mining, iron steel, building materials, chemical industry, renewable resources and other industries at home and abroad.
    ??Founder iron remover, irresistible attraction, no worries about the equipment!

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