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    地  址: 山東省臨朐縣東城區牛山路218號

    電  話: 0536-3715788

    傳  真: 0536-3718928

    聯 系人: 白祝銘

    手  機: 13508965880

    網  址: www.tlrhx.com

    郵  箱: lqfzdz@163.com


       電磁粉料除鐵器,具有多磁極,高梯度的優越性能,磁場強度高達1.8-2.0萬高斯,磁力強,吸力大,可以將粉體加工過程中混入的機械鐵等磁性物和原礦中所含氧化鐵( Fe2O3)及其它弱磁性雜質基本除凈,除鐵效果顯著。該機帶有機械振動裝置,配有 PLC 智能控制柜,全自動連續生產作業,且清鐵方便快捷,可實現十幾秒鐘自動排鐵;該機既可單臺使用,也可多臺串聯或并聯組合使用,除鐵效果更佳。
        該機可從干燥粉料中清除磁性微粒,廣泛應用在新能源、玻璃、陶瓷、電子、礦山等行業,可在 PPM 到 PPB 含鐵量等級上凈化物料,滿足了石墨、石英、磷酸鐵鋰、三元材料、碳酸鋰、鈷酸鋰、氧化鈷、氧化鋁、氫氧化鋰等精細粉行業的除鐵需求。
         Dry electromagnetic powder iron remover . The magnetic system is characterized by multiple magnetic poles , high gradient , magnetic field strength up to 18000-20000 Gauss , strong magnetic force and large suction , which can basicaly remove iron oxide (Fe2O3) and other weak magnetic impurities in raw ore and mechanical iron mixed in the process of powder processing , with remarkable iron removal effect . The machine is equipped with mechanical vibration device and automatic control cabinet , which is convenient for iron cleaning and can realize automatic iron discharge for more than ten 5econds; This machine can be used either as a single unit or as a combination of multiple units in series or paralel , with beter iron removal efect .
         This machine is used to remove magnetic particles from dry powder , and is widely used in new energy , glass , ceramics , electronics , chemical industry and other industries . It can purity matenals from РРМ to РРВ iron content level , and meet the iron removal needs of fine powder industries such as graphite , quartz , lithium iron phosphate , ternary materials , lithium carbonate , lithium cobalate , cobalt oxide , aluminum oxide , lithium hydroxide , etc .

    ◆ 采用計算機模擬設計,粉料穿過磁鐵中心,工作腔內磁場強度高達1.8~2.0萬高斯,磁場梯度大,除鐵效果顯著,性價比高;
    ◆ 清鐵方便快捷,只需十幾秒鐘即可自動完成一次排鐵;
    ◆ 采用強迫油循環水冷卻方式,勵磁線圈散熱快,溫升低,磁場熱衰減??;
    ◆ 工作過程中磁腔處于振動狀態,確保過料通暢和采鐵干凈,設備運行平穩、噪音低;
    ◆ 工作腔內導磁網由特殊材料制成,斷電后無剩磁,排鐵徹底干凈;
    ◆ 全自動連續作業,無需人工值守,運行及維護費用低。
    Performance characteristics :
    ◆ The computer simulation design is adopted , the magnetic field strength in the working chamber is up to 18000~20000 Gauss , the magnetic field gradient is large , the iron removal effect is significant , and the cost performance is high ;
    ◆ It is convenient and fast to clean the iron , and it only takes ten seconds to automatically discharge the iron once ;
    ◆ The forced oil circulating water cooling mode is adopted , so that the excitation coil can dissipate heat quickly , the temperature rise is low , and the magnetic field heat decline is reduced ;
     During the operation , the magnetic cavity is in a vibration state to ensure smooth feeding and clean iron mining , stable equipment operation and low noise ;
    ◆ The magnetic conductive net in the working chamber is made of special materials , without residual magnetism after power failure , and the iron discharge is completely clean ;
    ◆ Fully automatic operation , no manual duty , low operation and maintenance costs .

    Performance characteristics :
    ◆ Unique design . the magnetic field strength in the working chamber is as high as 1.8~20,000 gauss . with excelent effect on iron removal . high cost Performance .
     Be convenient and quick for cleaning . it takes only ten seconds to discharge al iron .
    ◆ Using forced oil circulation water cooling method . the efect is ideal .
    ◆ During the working . the magnetic cavity is in a vibrating state to ensure the material is unobstructed .
    ◆ Take measures to reduce vibration and noise to ensure equipment be stable operation and low noise .
    ◆ It has function of real - time temperature monitoring and automatic control . when the oil temperature rises to the set index . the systemv automatically alarm until the machine stops . thus effectively avoiding the coil burning due to high temperature .
    Full - automatic model of magnetic separator adopts PLC inteligen control to automaticaly complete all actions such asexcitation . feedi and iron discharging . without manual operation . reducing the cost of the enterprise and avoiding the human factorsaffecting the iron remov the color touch screen sets parameters . touches the button and displays the working status . It's also equippedwith a manual operation panel . advanced and humanized .

    除鐵器工作原理 :
    Operating principle of iron separator :
         After the iron separator is powered on , the magnetic field forms a high gradient magnetic field in the magnetic cavity through the magnetic conduction circuit , which is distributed in the magnetic conduction network in the magnetic cavity with high density . During the process of powder materials passing through the magnetic conduction network , the magnetic impurities contained in the magnetic materials are firmly adsorbed on the network , and the non - magnetic materials are discharged through the discharge port ; The control cabinet automatically and regularly controls the power of of the iron remover . After the power of , the magnetic grid loses excitation , and magnetic impurities lose suction . Under the action of gravity and vibration , they are discharged through the iron outlet .

    干粉除鐵器工作原理示意圖/The schematc diagram of iron separator working principle:


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